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Iqama Times: Oct 22 to Nov 1, 2014

             Fajr   Duhur   Asr  Maghrib Isha
22-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:37 8:00
23-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:35 8:00
24-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:34 8:00
25-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:32 8:00
26-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:31 8:00
27-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:30 8:00
28-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:28 8:00
29-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:27 8:00
30-Oct 6:50 1:45 4:30 6:25 8:00
31-Oct 6:50 1:45  4:30 6:24 8:00
01-Nov 6:50 1:45  4:30 6:23 8:00



Upcoming Events


10.29.2014 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Quran Memorization for Adults (Brothers)


10.31.2014 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm
1st Friday Jumaa Prayer (12pm)


10.31.2014 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
2nd Friday Jumaa Prayer (1:30pm)


10.31.2014 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Soccer For Elementary Students


10.31.2014 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Soccer For Elementary Students (ages 10-14)

We the London Muslim Community have embraced London as our home for more than 120 years. As a community we stand firm to uphold our shared values.   We reject, condemn and strongly oppose the use of violence, the threat of terror and the disregard for the sanctity of life by those who would diminish the true expression of Islam for personal or political gain. We strongly oppose and refute, based on Islamic principle, the use of violence against civilians in any form and in any place in the world.  The safety of our London community and all Canadians is part of our civic duty and we stand firm in our commitment to our beliefs and our community.

Relative to the recent atrocities committed abroad by groups falsely under the name of Islam, here are some statements of condemnation by our Muslim leaders in the media:

We’re actually clearly against these atrocious acts of merciless violence that they’re (ISIS) committing. And it’s very clear, and I’m hoping that people can see that it is very clear that this has nothing to do with Islam.

In terms of these people, we condemn the actions that they do and the ideologies that they have are not representatives of Islam.

The vast majority of Muslims will stand up against this and say this is not what Islam teaches. And really it is important for them to see what the Muslim communities are doing locally and to see how they are contributing to the positive work that needs to be done in our community.

There is not a single mosque or community center in the city of London that would ever say anything that would condone these types of actions and in fact we’re taking preventative measures to protect the people of our community from seeing this particular ideology and their actions of violence as being legitimate or justified. “

–Imam Adb Alfatah Twakkal of the London Muslim Mosque on AM980

Dr. Hassan Mostafa, President of the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario, condemns ISIS and violent extremism. - London Calling with Andy Oudman September 24, 2014

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National Council of Canadian Muslims

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Friday Oct 03rd, 2014