London Muslim Mosque Funeral Transfer Service 

TSO Class 2 - Restricted
License # TS - 1501

To arrange for funeral Services, please contact Nader Abdelmajed, in charge of day-to-day operations and manager by calling (519) 439-9451 or emailing, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Monday till Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Please contact Hassib Zabian outside those hours at (519) 871-4973.

When you call, please provide us with the following information: 

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number to reach you at
  3. Name of deceased
  4. Your relationship to the deceased
  5. Location of the deceased's body
  6. When you would like to schedule the funeral service


Please note that the Islamic Cemetery of London is located at 6100 White Oak Road. and is managed by the Islamic Centre of Southwest Ontario. 


Any purchaser of services may access an electronic copy of the guide prepared by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario available on the BAO’s website:


General Price List – April 2021 Description of Itemized Services Provided

Ontario License # TS-1501


Professional Staff & Services

Professional & Staff Services for arrangements & meetings with the family and/or executor, coordinating activities, rites and ceremonies. This includes services and supplies provided by us, as well as those provided by third party suppliers, such as death notices, etc, maintaining of facilities, equipment and grounds; staffing of office, telephone and general needs as they arise on premises.


Automotive Equipment and Transportation Local transport of remains

The initial transport would include one person in attendance at a hospital or nursing home and returning to London Muslim Mosque. If death occurs at private residence a charge for second staff member will apply. A charge will be applied for each transportation.

Request. We define “local” as the City of London. Outside of this area is subject to out of town charges.


Funeral Van

Includes the driver. Full sized Sienna Van used for transport within City of London as defined above, transport casketed remains to and from London Muslim Mosque to a cemetery or London Airport.


Additional Mileage

Mileage travelled beyond city limits of London to and from London Muslim Mosque will be charge one way only at a rate per kilometer.

Additional mileage when travelling beyond 25 KM will be charged at $1.50 per KM.


Disbursements and Government Fees

Cash Disbursements:

This is money we finance ahead of time. on your behalf, for funeral expenses we arrange for you but do not have any direct control over the cost. We pass on exact charge to the family as it is given to us.

Cemetery charges such as plots and opening and closing fees are charges separate and are paid Directly to the Cemetery by the family at Time of need.


City of London Death Registration Fee

All burials that take place inside the City of London must registered at the City Hall.

Current fee $40.00 Death and occur outside London but registered with the city of London – current fee $75.00

All Government fees at the Time of printing Are Not subject to HST.

Please Note All Government Fees Are beyond our control and Are subject to the change without Notice.


Price List



Professional & Staff Services


Documentation, forms, permits, etc


Removal from Place of Death within City of London


Washing & Preparing the body




Funeral Van


Imam Services


Total of Services and Casket excluding Taxes




Reception Hall and Other fees

Reception Hall for Condolences (Lower Hall)


Reception Hall for Condolences (GYM)


Death Registration - City of London



Directions to the Islamic Cemetery

Travel time:  20 min (16.7 km)

From Summit Ave, Turn left on Oxford St W

Fastest route now due to traffic conditions

Take Oxford St W to Wharncliffe Rd N

Take Manning Dr to your destination

Islamic Cemetery of London

6100 White Oak Rd, London, ON N6L 1N4

Directions on Map please Click Here


Directions to Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens

Travel time:  18 min (10.3 km)

Turn left onto Oxford St W

Turn right onto Clarke Rd

Turn left onto Dundas St

Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens

2001 Dundas St

London, ON N5V 1P6

Directions on Map Please Click Here