Amir Naveed


  1. Since 2015, serving as President, Chatham Islamic Centre. Working with Executive Team, got Registered Charity status in 2019 for our organization. Managed & taught at weekend Islamic school, Qura’n Halaqaat, etc. Active Muslim community member in Chatham-Kent since 2010. Moved to London in May 2019.
  2. 2006-2010 – participated as volunteer with Al-Huda Canada.
  3. 2002-2006  - While living in Cobourg, Ontario, established regular Friday prayer (Musallah) and Traweeh prayers.

Mohamed Omar


Mohammed Omar is a business owner, entrepreneur, husband, and father of two living in London. He has been passionately involved in the Muslim community for over …..years. As an active community member Mohammed was involved in projects such as: Outlook for the Future; the London Muslim Mosque…….Committee; board member of the London Islamic School for ….years.
Mohammed hopes to continue his engagement in community based work as a board member of the London Muslim Mosque. As an effective leader he believes in collective decision making and wishes to maintain accountability to community members openly and sincerely. Mohammed is willing to listen to the doubts and complaints from within the community and not evade controversial discussions that may help to improve the organization. Finally, he hopes to reduce alienation from the Mosque by increasing membership and participation. Most especially from our Muslim youth and young adult population. Increasing Muslim youth and young adult involvement in the masjid will undoubtedly lead to enhancing positive and meaningful participation in community efforts.
Overall, Mohammed aims to bring an example of sincere and effective leadership to the London Muslim Mosque. As an experienced community member wishes to be a leader of positive change and improvement to our community.

Hassam Ansari


Hassam is a husband, a brother to three younger sisters, and an active member in our community, who strongly believes in the potential of communities to enact positive change. He currently serves as the Communications Officer at Western’s BrainsCAN, a $66M neuroscience research initiative funded directly by the Government of Canada through the CFREF (Canada First Research Excellence Fund).


Hassam has previously served as President of the Western MSA (Muslim Students’ Association). During his time with the MSA, he worked to bring together the ICSWO, MAC, and LMM to promote collaboration. He has also been involved with the LMM in various capacities predating his time with the MSA -- he has been a contributing member of several committees including:


  • LMM Strategic Planning Committee
  • LMM at 50 Conference Planning Committee
  • Fundraising Committees (2015 & 2016 Annual Fundraising Iftar)


In the broader community, Hassam has contributed to various initiatives and organizations, including: Kate Graham for Leader of the OLP, Matt Brown’s Mayoral Campaign, the Nazem Kadri Foundation, and The Canadian Muslim Vote.

Being someone who joined this community as an immigrant at the age of ten, Hassam has witnessed first-hand the positive impact a strong, inclusive, and welcoming mosque can have on the individuals and families it serves. It is with this in mind that he has humbly accepted this nomination.


Eihab Bakir


Have been part of the London community since 1988. Self Employed software Implementation and Delivery consultant. Married and a proud father of 5 children. Served the London Muslim Mosque in numerous capacities and would love to always contribute to the mosque and our community in any capacity. 

Ismail Sheikh


I moved from Toronto to London in 2013, with a beautiful young family of three, all at the age of three and under at the time, to join London Hydro as an Electrical Engineer. After the first year, we fell in love with the Muslim community in London and had decided to make this City our home. I've been involved with the Masjid at various capacities at different times and have attended many of the sponsored events.

Insha'Allah, I hope to give back and support the community as a Board Member.


Ahmed Alassuity 


Okba Abdulah


I arrived from Syria in 2005.  I graduated with a diploma in Accounting.  I am married, and I am a father to a 2-year-old boy.  I have been in the cleaning and restoration business for 14 years.  I have successfully run my own business franchised through Winmar, “Steam Cleaning by Winmar,” for 9 years.  I have been actively involved with not only helping new immigrants and newcomers make Canada their new home, but I have been thoroughly involved in sponsoring immigrants from all over the Middle East.  I began as a member for the SCC (Syrian Canadian Council), and soon after became Vice President.  I am heavily active within the Islamic community with fundraising and attending events.  I consider myself to be a devout Muslim man and God fearing.  I am a believer in my faith and carry my faith not only through my personal life but my business as well.  I want the opportunity to be on the board to share my ideas, hopes and aspirations for the present and future of the London Muslim Mosque.  I want to be more involved with the Mosque and give back to my community.  I appreciate this opportunity and look forward to meeting all of you in person.



This page will be updated accordingly as more nominees accept the nomination. 

Pictures and biographies of nominees are coming soon, insha'Allah.