This class is currently on hiatus. 


The objective of the Quranic Arabic Class is to assist the attending brothers and sisters in understanding the Qur'an from its original source (the Arabic script). One has to clearly distinguish between the Qur'an and any translation of it in any other language. The Qur'an (in the Arabic script) is the divine word of Allah SWT and thus it is pure and fault-free. In contrast, any translation conveys what the translator understands of the Qur'an and thus involves human effort that is not necessarily correct all the time. As Muslims, we have to make our best effort to learn the language of the Qur'an to be able to read it (and understanding it). This way we can feel the direct connection with Allah SWT.

The approach followed the Quranic Arabic Class in this Halaqa is based on the realization that so many words of the Qur'an are repeated so often throughout the Qur'an. According to one statistic, the vocabulary used in 90% of the Qur'an consists of only 1050 words. In this class, Quranic surahs will be studied with emphasis on the vocabulary used and the associated grammar. Accumulation of Quranic vocabulary will be gradually achieved. The class is led by Dr. Moustafa Fahmy.



The only prerequisite for attending this course is the ability to read the Quran.



Grade 7 classroom 



Every Tuesday after Maghrib



Lesson Notes:

Quranic Arabic Lessons

Grammar Rules

Selection of Duaa